Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gardening gloves

Nothing beats a vacation, nothing beats a Mentone. Here, let me explain..Mentone is a different kind of get away, it's not a luxury vacation where I go shopping and spend lots of money. Imagine having no computer, no cell phone and the only way to send a text message is to get in your car and drive to somewhere with cell service. I go here to escape to collect my thoughts and relax with just the Earth, just the warm sun on my back and the wind through my hair. The time to do nothing...the time to do everything. No makeup, no fashion, only time for peace and spending time with my loved ones...what more could we need?

Hat - Zoe Vintage / Shirt - Anthropologie / Jeans - Guess /

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  1. Hey pretty, this sounds amazing, sometimes I also need to disconect from everything and just feel kind of free. You made me remember my hometown :) thanks for name me in your post!! kisses

  2. You look like Zoeey Deschanel! Would you like to follow each other?